The meeting between two golden eagles, the beginning of a story that lasts a lifetime.

The courtship begins and the two specimens begin their acquaintance.

The male offers a prey as a gift to his beloved. This phase takes place in the area between pirouettes and vaulting at high altitudes.

The fulcrum of the Life of the two eagles is the cub, which appears eager for food, wrapped in a protective and welcoming nest that becomes its mountain kingdom.

The puppy takes its first flight under the affectionate and tender gaze of the mother and the very attentive and guarded one of the father.

The flying family becomes a dance of twirls and scrolls designed by the three specimens.

A family flight ….

And at the end the apotheosis of the fabula: a child kidnapped by the harmonious flight of the family of eagles almost leaves her precious kite to the wind, turning her eyes towards the sky. The spectacle of nature excites and overwhelms those who know how to nourish their soul with pure feelings.


The metaphor of Life, a poetic idea, the transposition of emotions and feelings from the ethereal to the artistic glass. The design idea comes from the Client who wishes to leave a clear and visible imprint of his Taste for Art and for detail, making a heavenly corner at high altitude even more special. Art and Culture, Good Taste and Wellbeing, Hospitality and Organization are the starting points with which the Client takes care and increases the patrimony of its property between the mountain slopes and the coniferous woods. A unique, precious place of great cultural value, capable of giving its guests strong and enveloping emotions.

Art Glass Installation for dehor Chalet Capricorno, Case Sparse, 10050 Sauze D’oulx TO:
Installation with 8 extra-clear 10 mm painted and tempered float glasses.
Glass dimensions: 195 x 100 x 1 cm