In the animal kingdom, the “sentinel of the valley”, par excellence, is the marmot. A nice animal of the woods, with excellent eyesight and exceptional hearing that with its unmistakable whistle signals the danger to all the animals of the forest.

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And it is precisely the marmot, for its sympathy, for its cautious and attentive behavior, which has been elected as the mascot of the HACM (Academy of High Mountain Cuisine). A club of lovers of beautiful, good and refined things, of mountain lovers in all its expressions and in all its tasty fragrances … .. The logo, not surprisingly, represents fork and spoon united to outline the contours of a mountain which is part of our historic hotel business. A visible reminder of good food. But above all to the pleasure of getting together, of getting together to exchange their ideas, outlining new experiences and synergies in the tourism sector.
To the advantage of the tourist growth of the Susa Valley but also of the historically and culturally close valleys, and of the mountains in general that want to live and be admired 365 days a year.
From his comfortable den of the Chalet the Capricorn, the “Sentinel of the Valley”, with team spirit, has launched his first signal to call to himself other similar ones, with the aim of creating a network of structures and ideas in the name of of the long seasonality and the quality of hospitality in all its nuances. In spite of the rules, however, “the HACM marmot” does not like hibernation and is working on an intense autumn, full of activity.

Among the appointments on the calendar, “Gourmet in musica”, two convivial evenings scheduled for mid-August; the first meeting of the Rebel Marmot Club, scheduled for mid-September, which intends to deepen knowledge and synergies for the enhancement of local tourism. Also in September, a conversation will follow on the themes of San Giorgio, a saint dear to the property that boasts more than one reference in the Valley.
In October, “Tourism in the Valley, summer and autumn”, meeting with operators and institutions to take stock of the season, the potential of autumn and tourism “without snow”.
Also scheduled is a photographic competition open to all those who intend to express their “visual” opinion on how the Valley is proposed: artistic and naturalistic wonders in contrast with many, perhaps too many signs of modern times … Who intends to follow the path of these marmots he just has to follow us… on these pages and, from autumn, and in the future full of news on the main social networks.