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The constellation of CAPRICORN

From August to October, what is known as the tenth constellation of the zodiac, Capricorn, is visible in the night sky. It looks like a kind of triangle and some star-gazers have described it as a “bikini bottom”. However, it is generally believed that this cluster of stars portrays a hybrid figure: a creature which is half-goat from the waist up and half-fish from the waist down. This unlikely-looking creature dates back to Babylonian and Sumerian times, civilisations that were particularly keen on hybrid creatures and called this constellation SUHUR-MASH-HA, the 'Fish-goat'.

The brightest stars in the constellation are:

ALGEDI (which means goat or ibex), is a α (alfa) Capricorni; it is a multiple star consisting of two yellow and orange stars, known as α¹ and α² which are respectively 1,600 light years and 109 light years away.

DABIH, ß (beta) is also a double star, where the brighter star looks white and is 344 light years away, while the companion star looks light blue.

DENEB ALGEDI (the tail of the goat), Δ (delta) is a giant white star, the brightest in the constellation. It is located 39 light years away.

DORSUM, Θ Capricorni, is a white dwarf star located 158 light years away.

BATEN ALGIEDI, Ω Capricorni, is a red giant located 630 light years away from earth.

MARRAKK, Ζ Capricorni, is a binary star whose primary star is a yellow supergiant located 398 light years away.
Then there's NASKIRA (the fortunate) which is a γ (gamma) and is a white star located 139 light years away. But Naskira also has an unusual story, in fact...

There was once a beautiful white star, which was bright but a little cold and very, very far from the world of Men and the Earth.

She was a shy star when meeting humans and she only knew how to talk to animals: with rabbits and squirrels, deer and fawn, chamois deer… in short, all the inhabitants of the forest.

One evening she was watching with intense interest a strange and bizarre animal that was silently roaming near the homes of Men, looking for food. She tried to approach this imposing animal, but the animal was so scared of her intense, cold light that it ran off and hid in the deepest part of the forest. The star then asked for help from the Lord of the Zodiac and asked him to change her into a young woman so she could get closer to that animal.

Since she'd always been a good star, the Lord of the Zodiac granted her request. The star was then able to approach that strange animal and feed it. They became such good friends that every evening the star would change into a girl so as to bring food to her friend. She felt "fortunate" because of the chance she had been given and decided that from then on she would be called the "fortunate star", the Naskira star that would only shine for her friend from then on… her friend, the Capricorn.

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